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The following members sell Made in America Products in the Toys & Games Category
eshop at Adorable Kinders's web store for Made in the USA products
One of the products Adorable Kinders sells is Made in the USA Dolls. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Adorable Kinders and its Made in America products see the following:

Our City of New York - Color, Play and Learn Activity Book app has 15 coloring pages, 8 games, and lots of information about the city. It is a quick, easy and fun approach for learning about New York City.

Kids will enjoy coloring pages of New York City landmarks and saving them to the camera roll, as well as playing puzzle, maze and crossword games. They can also enter their name for a Good Citizenship Award.

They will learn about the flag, seal, map, and history of New York City. There are 3 coloring modes to choose from, crayons, markers or bucket fill. Each coloring page displays a New York City landmark or icon. Tapping the Save button will save the page to the Camera Roll. The user can share or print the coloring pages.

This application is completely self-contained and does not require internet connection. It is an excellent tool to use by an individual student, an entire class, or just for fun when traveling on your vacations. Enjoy!

eshop at Air Flair's web store for Made in America products
One of the products Air Flair sells is Made in America Model Airplanes. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Air Flair and its Made in the USA products see the following:

Consider our Quality Model Kits when comparing with other kits.
Air Flair, Inc. is a privately owned manufacturer of R/C Model Kits in Indianapolis, Indiana. Donald
Riggin, Air Flair, Inc. owner, is committed to a personal sales relationship with his customers. That
truly means an Air Flair Kit is bought, built, and shipped with the owner's direct involvement!
Air Flair has eighteen different, hand-crafted high-quality, kits for sale. Please look at
our models by clicking the link for a plane listed below.

eshop at All American Toy's web store for Made in the USA products
One of the products All American Toy sells is Made in the USA Tot Truck Parts. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about All American Toy and its Made in America products see the following:

For future releases please send in your email address along with any suggestions for new trucks.
Thank you for your interest in the All American Toy Co.

History Page since 1947!

1947 Ad 1947 Ad The All American Toy Company was founded in 1947 by Clay and Beth Steinke of Salem, Oregon. The company started when Clay thought that a large, heavy duty toy truck was needed, that could be played with for years and years and still hold together. He decided on using the late 1940's era Ford cabs as the basis for his truck, and developed a means of steering through the hood of the cab using a brass air horn. This became known as the 'Air Horn Steering', which not only made the toy truly unique, but very popular with its customers. With a heavy cast Aluminum cab, rugged steel frame, walking beam suspension and rubber tires, the company developed the finest toy log truck ever mass produced. The first cabs were sand cast, and soon the demand was so high for these toys that the company had dies fabricated in the late 40's, to increase production and consistency in quality.

1953 Catalog Back The first truck issued was the famous log truck named the Timber Toter and retailed for $19.95. These were 1/12th scale, and measured 36 inches long and weighed a heavy 10 pounds! The truck was designed with quality, durability and a high level of 'playability' in mind.

Over the next decade the company produced a number of different styles to go with the Ford cab, and in the mid 1950's the company finally succumbed to lower priced toys. 1953 Catalog Front Quality was never considered as a compromise to price. Fortunately, many of these trucks and the print advertising remain intact, which can be viewed at our showroom in Salem.

In May of 1990 Bill Hellie and his son Chip purchased the company from the founders and produced three limited editions. They produced 15 Bales and Brady Tow Trucks, 8 Tankers and 7 log trucks, using up the remaining original stock. Log Trailer Die Then a toy collector by the name of Patrick Russell, through a turn of events, struck a deal to obtain the company and dies in May of 1992. The dies were cracked and rusted shut. There was much concern over whether the dies would even be able to be opened, and used ever again. Patrick found the highest quality machinists and die companies in the Pacific Northwest. By September 17, 1992, after buckets of penetrating oil, and much personal effort by the employees of the die company, the dies were producing again. The company now only produces very limited runs of this truck. Log Trailer Die Both Clay and Beth Steinke, along with a few of the machinists who worked on the trucks were involved in this process, and provided insight into the company history and philosophy of quality.

In January of 1997, the All American Toy Company released their first all new toy truck. With the aid of family and friends, Patrick created a new die for a 1/16th scale 1947 Kenworth 521, more commonly known as the 'narrow nose' Kenworth. These are also only produced in very limited edition runs, and in keeping with the company tradition, use rubber tires and all metal parts. Patrick Russell with 1st 10 limited editions in '96 Finally as an added touch in tribute to the founders, Patrick designed a means whereby the single air horn on the top of the cab recreates the famous 'Air Horn Steering!' Shortly thereafter both Clay and Beth Steinke passed away. Both the Steinke's, and numerous employees of the original company provided insight into the history, and were enthusiastic to offer any guidance in its resurrection. The first truck produced was a Founders Edition Log Truck, with # 92 going to Clay and Beth as a means of thanks.

The All American Toy Company is still headquartered in Salem Oregon, and owned and operated by Patrick Russell. Visitors are welcome, but it is suggested you call ahead.

eshop at American Plastic Toys's web store for American Made products
One of the products American Plastic Toys sells is American Made Beach Shovel Toys. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about American Plastic Toys and its Made in the USA products see the following:

American Plastic Toys has proudly manufactured safe toys in United States since 1962. We currently operate a total of five facilities in Michigan and Mississippi. Our product line includes over 125 different items ranging from a simple sand pail to a play kitchen set.

We assemble 100% of the toys in our product line in the United States. Most of the components in our products are molded in our plants or purchased from US companies. Less than four percent of our toy value content is imported from the Far East. The majority of this small percentage consists of sound components and fasteners. Toys with imported components only represent 25% of our entire product line. None of these components are painted or include phthalates.

All of the plastic used to make our toys is purchased in the USA. The majority of our toys are molded with Polypropylene (~80%) and Polyethylene (~20%) plastic. The colorant molded in all of our products is purchased domestically and is FDA approved for use in food packaging. None of our products are painted or include phthalates.

Every American Plastic Toys product is tested by at least one independent U.S. safety-testing lab to insure that it complies with applicable safety standards. We provide a toll free number to contact our office if consumers have a question or concern related to our products.

Our products are sold in most major North American mass merchants including but not limited to Wal*Mart, Toys R Us, Sears/Kmart, Family Dollar Stores, Dollar General, Meijer's, Walgreens, etc. Many of our products are also available on the Internet through,,, etc. Our product is also available in many regional retail outlets. You can also find us on Facebook ? American Plastic Toys and Twitter @aptoys

Again, thank you for your interest in American Plastic Toys and your future consideration in purchasing our Made in USA products.

Corporate Address

Corporate Address

American Plastic Toys, Inc.
799 Ladd Road
Walled Lake, MI 48390-0100

eshop at Arrowcopter's web store for Made in the USA products
One of the products Arrowcopter sells is Made in the USA Flying Toy. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Arrowcopter and its Made in America products see the following:

Welcome to


The world's highest flying toy with unique space age action

Made in the United States, the original Arrowcopter Toy is attractively packaged in clear bubblepack, easy to display, easy to find!!

Arrowcopter Double
Contains double the fun with two toys and launchers in each pack.

Arrowcopter Single
Makes a great gift for high flying adventure. Arrowcopter Single Pack contains one toy per package for hours of flying fun! Watch your Arrowcopter soar up to 300 feet up into the sky and come down gently like a copter.

Arrowcopter Flying Light
Glows its way through night flying fun. Arrowcopter Flying Light comes complete with a glowing light stick that attaches to your Arrowcopter for night flying fun!

Copyrighted and Trademarked

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Arrowcopter, Inc.
P.O. Box 1807
Hollister, CA 95024
Phone: (831) 634-0145
Fax: (831) 634-0167
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