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The following members sell Made in the USA Products in the American Furniture & Home Decor Category
eshop at 2G Roses's web store for Made in America products
One of the products 2G Roses sells is Made in America Flowers. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

eshop at All American Bunk Beds's web store for Made in the USA products
One of the products All American Bunk Beds sells is Made in the USA Bunk Beds. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about All American Bunk Beds and its American Made products see the following:

Bunk Bed Sales Specialists
All American Bunk Beds provides mail order, online ordering for high quality, low price bunk bed sleeping solutions throughout the United States. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, All American Bunk Beds is a distributor of Woodcrest Manufacturing solid pine bunk beds and accessories. This Rustic Furniture has been designed and made to be extremely durable, functional,has a golden pine stain and lacquer finish. Our Bunk Beds are the perfect complement to your hunting, camping or vacation getaway. We also carry a full line of case goods, mattresses and headboards.

eshop at Altered Seasons's web store for Made in America products
One of the products Altered Seasons sells is Made in America Candles. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Altered Seasons and its American Made products see the following:

Making candles has been a family hobby and holiday tradition since the early 1900's.

In 2003, at the tender age of 14, Kelly Reddington decided to go into business...only one problem held him back ? He wasn't old enough to be the sole owner of a bank account let alone a business. So, with the help of his Mother, he set up shop. She was his coach, his mentor, and his business partner, and together, they provided the community with a quality product as well as superior customer care.

Today, in 2013, Altered Seasons is 10 years old and stronger than ever.

One day I was thinking about how odd it was that there were no Procter & Gamble's of social enterprise. I had this business that I started with my Mom when I was 14, and now that I was running it solely, I felt that I couldn't just run another business ? that it needed something else, something that would not only fit my needs as a person, to have purpose, but the customers' needs as well. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to change the company to a 1-for-1 model. I didn't know exactly what we would give, and we first started out with giving away Citronella candles to help fight Malaria, you know, the candle scent that keeps the bugs away. Then I was reading in my local newspaper about Poverty in America and how it was on the rise and how it affects children in school. That article really hit home. My mom teaches science at a local middle school, so she and I discussed the article, and she told me how, when kids are hungry, they can't focus and their grades as well as their behavior suffers ? and that's when it hit me. We have to feed these kids! If they aren't getting proper nutrition, they can't adequately perform in school, and if they can't perform in school, they end up either dropping out in high school, or falling so far behind that they are placed in remedial courses, not because of their capabilities, but because their bodies are in a catabolic state as opposed to an anabolic state, you know, the good one. How many kids are missing out on life because they suffer from Hunger? We don't know exactly, but we do know that we can make a difference.

eshop at Amador Flower Farm's web store for Made in the USA products
One of the products Amador Flower Farm sells is Made in the USA Flowers. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Amador Flower Farm and its Made in America products see the following:

Designated an American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden, Amador Flower Farm started as a direct mail business in 1994 with over 350 different daylilies. We have been adding new daylilies every year since and now have over 1000 different daylilies. We cover 14 acres with four acres of award winning Demonstration Gardens designed to showcase our daylilies.

Our grounds are available for your pleasure throughout the year. Hours of operation are 9:00 am - 4:00 pm DAILY, March through November. Our winter hours are in effect from December through February: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, Thursday - Sunday, closed Monday - Wednesday.

The Demonstration Gardens are planted with more than 200 unusual perennials and grasses and over 1000 varieties of daylilies.

Our Gift Shop offers many gardening and statuary items.

In our nursery we sell perennials and grasses as well as houseplants and colorful annuals ~ sorry, not available for shipping.

Our Color Catalog has over 700 bare-root daylilies featured that we direct mail throughout the world. The catalog is complete with photographs, cultivar information and ordering instructions.

Our Picnic Facilities make Amador Flower Farm the perfect place to spend a relaxing day surrounded by acres of flowers. Enjoy sitting at the picnic tables under Heritage Oaks, gazing into our pond watching resident ducks and frogs .

Steve Saunders is our farm manager. Steve and his knowledgeable team make shopping with Amador Flower Farm a pleasant experience.

Special Awards

We are honored to have been designated as one of the very few American Hemerocallis Society Display Gardens.

Recipient of a special award from California Garden Club, Inc., for Landscape Design. Awarded for ...good land use that incorporated native oaks and natural rock piles in the creation of acres of gardens which are a place of beauty, and also serve as a site for educational events of horticultural significance.

We've also been honored to be voted Best Business in Amador County by the readers of the Sierra Lodestar newspaper, Best Nursery by the readers of the Amador Ledger newspaper and 4th place in the competition for Best Garden Center in the Sacramento, CA region by the viewers of kcra3 our NBC affiliate.

We're proud to have been listed as a National Geographic Destination on the Sierra Nevada Geotourism website, a great place to start when you want to visit the Sierra Nevada! Take a look HERE.

eshop at Ambre Blends's web store for American Made products
One of the products Ambre Blends sells is American Made Candles. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Ambre Blends and its Made in America products see the following:

Ambre Blends is an independent, women-owned business, in Indianapolis Indiana, which has been producing high-quality, organic body products since 2001. Ambre Blends products are available in four delicate, all-natural essences and are worn by both women and men. All of our products are made by hand with 100% pure and natural vegan ingredients from all over the world.

Ambre Blends puts a lot of thought and energy into our product packaging in an effort to be green and conscious about our environment.. We design all of our packaging to be minimal, simplistic and made from clean materials so that our products can ?speak for themselves'. All of our packaging is recyclable and some packaging is made from already recycled materials. Some of our packing is even biodegradable! Many of our products packaging is even designed to be reusable. For example, our 10ml oil essence roll-ons can be refilled from our 30ml oils which is both ecologically and economically minded. Ambre Blends also strives to support the home team by purchasing our packaging from USA vendors and always looking to source new packaging from local, regional and US based companies. Overall, Ambre Blends looks to be consciously minded when selecting packaging to reflect our company's focus on organic, all-natural and environmentally-kind products.

Amber oil has been used for centuries for its medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities. The blending of amber oil, the primary ingredient in all Ambre Blends products, with other organic essential oils creates Ambre Essence. Once activated by the body's warmth, our essences produce a unique, long lasting, individual fragrance that exquisitely compliments one's own natural chemistry. Ambre Blends selects only the finest, organic ingredients to soothe your mind and protect your well-being. The mix of these ingredients produces a clean, sensual and addictive essence which develops a unique scent on each wearer.

Do not underestimate the seductive and aphrodisiac qualities of Ambre Blends products! You will understand when you experience their power?.and when other's experience their power on you. Ambre Blends is the art of natural fragrance!

ambre essence
is the original Ambre Blend. It carries a clean, euphoric and sensual aroma.

This flirtatious essence is the base of all Ambre Blends products.

solace essence
infuses Ambre Essence with a sensuous vanilla blend, interwoven with a rare special ingredient.

This essence was created for the sole purpose of comfort and attraction.

invoke essence
builds on Ambre Essence by adding a stimulating blend of pure jasmine,neroli, sandalwood and a hint of rose.

This essence invokes the scent of spring blooms kissed by the sun.

unmasque essence
combines Ambre Essence with over thirteen pure oils to ground you and allure others.

This essence was created to reveal the true individuality in all of us.

Ambre Blends essences will smell slightly different on everyone due to the unique body chemistry we all possess. To experience the true aroma of our essences, please apply oil generously to your forearms and rub them together to begin activating the scent. Use this same technique on your ?hot spots', which include the neck and d?colletage. Throughout the day, as your body heat causes the scent to radiate and blend with your body chemistry, the Ambre Blends scent will become increasingly better and more unique. Re-applying throughout the day is not needed. Our oil essences are like fine wine, they get better with age!

Because Ambre Blends products are made with pure, organic ingredients, additionally wearing synthetic body products, which contain chemicals, preservatives and fillers, will compromise the integrity and benefits of Ambre Blends products. For this reason, over the past ten years, Ambre Blends has expanded its product line to include body creams, pure olive oil soaps, spritzers, skin tonics & more to cover all our your body care needs.

All Ambre Blends products come in one of our four uniquely designed essences and are designed to be worn together. Lovers of Ambre Blends products have always enjoyed alternating or layering our products with one another, so try our multiple scents and mix them up!

Enjoy your uniqueness!!!

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