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The following members sell American Made Products in the Toys & Games Category
eshop at Quality Play USA's web store for American Made products
One of the products Quality Play USA sells is American Made Wooden Blocks. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

eshop at R C Craft's web store for Made in America products
One of the products R C Craft sells is Made in America Model Boats. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about R C Craft and its American Made products see the following:

Thank you for your interest in my boats. Each boat is made by me in my shop from the best materials available. They are not kits or available as kits. THEY ARE MADE FROM WOOD, EITHER MAHOGANY OR CLEAR POPLAR.
Check out the 22in. TORPEDO STERN CRUISER, or the 22in. SPEEDBOAT! I also have a few CHRIS-CRAFT STYLE MAHOGANY SPEEDBOATS on the CHRIS-CRAFT page, including an 18in.TRIPLE COCKPIT , or a 18in. DOUBLE COCKPIT available in either Chris-Craft, HackerCraft or Garwood colors.
They are running models of toy boats made in the 1940's and 1950's in JAPAN. They can be used in the lake, pond or pool. They also make great display models on the mantle or office bookshelf.
I specialize in reproductions of the ITO style boats made in JAPAN in the 1950's. They are meant to fill a demand from collectors, who can't find the original ITO boats and can't afford to pay the very high prices of the rare originals. My boats are meant to be close but not exact copies of the original ITO boats at a more reasonable price.
A stand is included with each boat.
Again I appreciate your interest in my boats. As each is built to order, a prompt replay is appreciated in order to reserve one for you. Only a set number of each model boat will be built.


eshop at Responsibuilders's web store for Made in the USA products
One of the products Responsibuilders sells is Made in the USA Games. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Responsibuilders and its American Made products see the following:

ResponsiBuilders is a set of laminated playing cards designed to make household chore assignment easier and more fun. The box states that the game is for ages 3 and up,? but this game? is not just for kids! Many families involve everyone! Share the workload and get the chores done quickly!

In the 50 card deck, most of the cards depict common household chores. Other cards are free cards, or reward cards that do not require a chore. Some cards are just plain fun, like the, Family Fun Night card. Also included in the deck are blank cards on which your family can create your own unique chore card needs.

The cards are brightly colored with pictures that whimsically depict the chores so that even non-readers can easily understand their chosen assignments. Along with the artwork are creative verses that the family will enjoy reading.

Also available for purchase is a fabric playing card organizer that easily mounts on your refrigerator. The organizer has pockets for 5 family members and serves as a great reminder of which tasks need to be done and which are completed. It comes complete with clip magnets to hold it securely to any metallic surface.

This is how the game works:

On the day (days) that you choose to do chores (it could be daily) sort through the cards and choose the cards that are appropriate for that particular day. Lay the cards face down on a smooth surface and let everyone choose cards. The cards that each person chooses will be their chore assignments for the day.

Each participant slips their chore cards into the To Do? pockets in the card organizer under their assigned number. When a chore card is completed, it is moved to the Done pocket. The organizer provides a constant visual regarding what chores need to be completed and what chores are done!

100% Made in USA

- See more at:

eshop at Ross Custom Switches's web store for Made in America products
One of the products Ross Custom Switches sells is Made in America Model Train Switches. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Ross Custom Switches and its Made in the USA products see the following:

Ross Custom Switches history begins around 1970 when a young Steven Ross Brenneisen, unsatisfied with switches of the time began making them for himself in the basement of his Illinois home by grinding the flange off from the bottom of GarGraves track and hand spiking it with tighter tolerances to real wooden ties. This was very meticulous and time consuming work, but it payed off in pride when friends would come to see his layout. He made a number of these for friends and interest began to grow. In 1972 Steve sold his first switch to someone he didn't know. This is when the company was born.
Eventually RCS moved over to the East Coast and has settled into a beautiful old brick building in the Historic town of Norwich, CT. Since the olden days RCS has continued to innovate and improve. We now have the largest offering of any O gauge company and are continuing to add more. Our products are still handcrafted and if you are in town, stop by.

eshop at Roy Toy Manufacturing's web store for Made in America products
One of the products Roy Toy Manufacturing sells is Made in America Wood Log Building Sets. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Roy Toy Manufacturing and its American Made products see the following:

A three-generation family of Maine toy makers

A horse and wagon loaded with Roy Toy building sets leaves the original toy factory, bound for the Machias train station.
On a warm August day in 1930, a horse-drawn wagon raced across a dusty Maine road and delivered our grandfather's log building sets to the train station across town. The first shipment of original Roy Toy wooden toys left Machias and a family heritage began.

Since that day, the world has changed greatly. As a Roy Toy customer, you are guaranteed that some things will never change. All of our pieces will continue to be made from wood, the quality of our products will remain unmatched, and our products will continue to be made right here in the U.S.A.

Sincerely, The Dennison Family

Roy K. Dennison in 1924Our Family's Toy-Making History
Roy Toy was established in the mid 1930's by one of the earliest pioneers in the wooden toy industry, Roy K. Dennison. Roy realized that there was an intriguing love for wooden construction sets, and that this excitement was had by both children and their parents.

Roy would often say, There's no greater feeling for a parent than helping their child explore their own imagination. This became the inspiration for his classic log building designs. For these challenging sets, Roy used unique rectangular shaped logs with a tight notching fit leading to structures that wouldn't topple easily. The logs were hand-cut and honed to a realistic finish.

Roy filled the hearts of children and families with joy and wonder for nearly 30 years, until his death in the 1960's. At that time, the machines stopped and the doors to his factory closed. The machines were dismantled and stored with various relatives for close to 30 years.

Reviving the Family Business
When Roy's grandson, Bruce Dennison, decided to revive the Roy Toy business as a hobby in 1992, he was faced with a daunting task. Not only did he have to round up the stored toy-making equipment, he discovered that many pieces did not fit together, some were missing motors, others missing shafts and gears, and only a handful of blades were still around.

To recreate his grandfather's building sets, Bruce needed help determining how the wooden blocks were cut. How did these aging pieces of equipment once work, and could they ever work again? He found the answers amongst boxes of remaining pieces, photos, old packaging, and an earful of old stories. But there were still many questions left unanswered and it would be over a year before Bruce would put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Keeping the Tradition

Bruce understood the classic look his grandfather wanted in his log buildings and wasn't about to change the toys that he remembered. Bruce believed that the key to this classic look was the toy's handmade design. With this design the logs have a realistic quality and feel and fit together snuggly, resulting in structures that are much larger than most other log building sets. Roy Toy still hand cuts their sets from pine logs and stains them with a non-toxic dye, creating the same bright red wooden gables and traditional green wooden roof planks as originally designed.

At Roy Toy we cherish our heritage, and as one generation ends, another is there to pick up where they left off. We like to think that some things never change. We hope your family enjoys our products and passes them on to the next generation.

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