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The following members sell Made in America Products in the Toys & Games Category
eshop at Union House Apparel's web store for American Made products
One of the products Union House Apparel sells is American Made Puzzles. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Union House Apparel and its Made in the USA products see the following:

Made in USA products - We sell Clothing and products Made in USA by US Manufacturers. Our products include Union and or American made apparel from Round House, Camber, Okabashi, New Balance, Union Line, Kamik Winter Boots, Northstar Gloves, King Louie, Union House men's briefs and boxers. We also sell Made in USA Cookware and Toys.
We are organized by Local 880 IUPAT. We offer blank apparel and also provide in house screenprinting, embroidery, pad printing , hotstamping and sign and banner making.

OUR ONLINE STORE IS located in Wyoming Minnesota @ 26796 Felton Ave. 55092. Tel 651-462-7710


By email:

We offer shipping by only UPS and USPS. Our return policy for most items returns is that the return must be made and in our hands within 30 calendar days of original purchase to recieve a refund, and up to 45 days for an exchange, product must be in new unworn condition with tags attached. In the case of men's briefs only unopened packs can be returned. Closeout merchandise cannot be returned for a refund but can be exchanged within 30 days of purchase in new condition with tags attached.

Return Policy - You can return an item for a credit for the item on your card if the item is returned and in our hands within 30 day of original purchase. Items returned after that time are eligible for exchange up to 45 days from date of original purchase. Closeout merchandise can only be returned if defective for an exchange and for up to 30 days of original purchase.

Any returns must be in original and new condition with tags attached.

In the case of men's briefs only unopened packs can be returned per the rules above.

In the case of logoed merchandise it can only be exchanged for the same style and size if defective, no refunds on logoed items.

Orders or parts of orders returned that received free shipping that bring the order below the purchase level required for free shipping will be charged $8.95, this amount will be deducted from any refund due.

eshop at Valley Dynamo 's web store for American Made products
One of the products Valley Dynamo sells is American Made Air Hockey Tables. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Valley Dynamo and its Made in the USA products see the following:

For well over 50 years, Valley? has been the industry leader in the coin-operated pool table market. Valley's quality, reliability and durability give the operator the much-needed return on investment around which he can build his route, while Valley's playability makes our table The Players Choice. For 18 straight years, the Best Coin-Operated Pool Table.

Our precision-built Valley cue sticks are the standard you know and trust, each of these cues delivers the maximum fire power you need to blast the competition ... without blowing your budget.

Valley is a proud sponsor of the Valley National Eight Ball Association (VNEA), which is recognized around the world as The Pool League of choice.

Tornado? has been the standard of the coin-operated soccer table industry for over 25 years.
Tornado is the only soccer table line that comes with the support of the world's two largest player organizations, the Valley International Foosball Association (VIFA) and the United States Table Soccer Association (USTSA). Quality, playability and return on investment positions Tornado atop the coin-operated soccer table industry.

eshop at Viking Cue's web store for Made in America products
One of the products Viking Cue sells is Made in America Pool Cue Cases. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Viking Cue and its American Made products see the following:

In the early 1960s, Viking Cue started in the basement of a poolroom in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Founder Gordon Hart would travel to various tournaments peddling his unique style of hand-made cues. In a short period of time, Viking Cues became popular and attracted some notable top players. As popularity gained it was apparent that Viking Cue was outgrowing its subterranean confines. Demand increased in the late 60's, the old poolroom was sold and Viking Cue moved to a bigger location in Madison, Wisconsin- the home of Viking Cue for 48 years. Production capabilities expanded and the company grew steadily over the next two decades as Viking Cue sold cues throughout the United States and abroad.

viking-cue-overhead-1990-300.jpgIn 1986, the Martin Scorsese film, The Color of Money, experienced great success and created a boom in the billiard industry that led to sky-rocketing sales of Viking Cues. Over the next two decades, Viking Cue became an industry giant and proudly served its distributors and players throughout the world. The late 2000's was a low point for Viking Cue. Like many other businesses of the period, overwhelming debt, soaring costs and a downturn economy forced Viking Cue to close its doors in 2010.


For Viking Cue to evolve, it required new vision. That evolution started a year later when Viking Cue reopened under the vision of Madison Area Businessman, Mark Larson, whose first priority was to rehire the same craftsmen who were at the core of Viking Cue's successes over the years and would become the foundation for a new Viking Cue. The next step was to bring in fresh minds from different industries and disciplines to create a new company culture based on innovative thinking, integrity, and a passion for the product.

In August of 2013, Viking Cue moved its office and manufacturing to Middleton, WI. The new state-of-the-art facility demonstrates Viking Cue's values, vision and commitment to innovation, quality and craftsmanship.

For years to come, Viking Cue will be a dominant force in high-end product innovation, personalized customer service and meaningful user experiences. Most of all, we hope you can see the real value in a Viking Cue that can only be experienced through owning one. Remember... Nothing Conquers a Viking.

eshop at Wagon Train Ventures, LLC's web store for American Made products
One of the products Wagon Train Ventures, LLC sells is American Made Rocking Horses. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Wagon Train Ventures, LLC and its Made in America products see the following: or Wagon Train Ventures, LLC, is a a Mom-run family business owned by Rosemary and Michael Imrick, parents of six children through birth and adoption. Adoption runs in the family for both of us, and ellen-s-cart-goat.jpgwe are now the third generation that has adopted either domestically or internationally. Our eldest teenager arrived in May 2012, and our 13-year-old son arrived home in March 2014.

We took over this business from family with the goal of supporting our plans to adopt debt-free, and then expanding the business so we can help other families to do the same (see our Adoption Fundraising page). We are pleased that this business gives us the opportunity to branch out from our usual work as an IT professional and a university English composition instructor, and thereby the means to touch our world in life-changing ways.

Every purchase in this store not only supports the craftsmen and companies who make our durable items, it also supports our family's goal to adopt again. See if adoption could be your adventure as well!

A Legacy of Quality
Wagon Train Ventures, LLC is the next chapter in the 15-year history of quality toys and service on which Rosemary's uncle, Dave McCusker, Jr., built the sterling reputation of his toy business. The McCusker family ventured forth as pioneers in Internet commerce in the 90's and rode the cusp of the Internet commerce wave with the website. As the second generation in the toy business, we are building on the time-tested McCusker model.

Dedication to Durablity
In the McCusker footsteps, we search out durable toys for your children and ours. We carry toys made in the USA if at all possible, with a focus on tricycles and the quality wagons made by Amish craftsmen. Amish wagons are a particular interest since Rosemary grew up using an Amish wagon as a goat cart. That wagon is still going strong many years later, as shown in the picture of Rosemary's younger sister now using it with her trained cart goat, Sunflower. For those items we cannot find made by our neighbors in the U.S., we look to quality manufacturers who make their items without taking shortcuts on quality, and without exploiting their hired help. We endeavor to work with talented crafters who are paid fair trade prices for their handiwork. You will find country of origin noted in the description of items we sell.

eshop at Weaver Models's web store for Made in the USA products
One of the products Weaver Models sells is Made in the USA Model Train Brass Steam Engines. A more complete list of their products is provided by Made in America Secrets, to review their list click here.

For more information about Weaver Models and its American Made products see the following:

Quality Craft Models was founded in 1965. What started as an operation producing Wooden Craftsman Kits consisting of buildings, rolling stock, etc., in gauges from N to O, has grown into a major manufacturer of ready-to-run plastic (and brass) O Gauge 2-Rail and 3-Rail models.

The first location for the business was an old, single story print shop located on Wheatley Avenue in Northumberland, PA. Joe Hayter, current Owner and President of the Company, started in 1969. In 1974, a newer, more modern facility was constructed near the old print shop.

The first plastic O gauge model produced was the 2-Bay Hopper in 1980.
Originally it was offered in 2-Rail only, but in the early to mid 1980's the hunger for 3-Rail models was answered by offering a choice of 2-Rail or 3-Rail.

With the expense involved to have the tooling completed for plastic injection
molding, it was decided to get the most out of one mold. Therefore, the 2-Bay Hopper tooling was made in such a way that the side and ends could be interchangeable allowing us to produce a 2-Bay Offset or 2-Bay Ribbed car with regular, peaked or rounded ends. The tooling and injection molding was completed by Train Miniature, located in Chicago. Thus, Weaver Models, a division of Quality Craft Models, was born!

Next to join the Weaver Ultra Line Family was our 40' and 50' Tank Cars.
Again, with careful planning and the removal / addition of sections to the mold, we could inject either size tank from the same mold. Train Miniature also produced this mold for Weaver. Keeping with the times, our tanks were
offered in 2-Rail and 3-Rail from the start.

The 50' Rail Box and 4-Bay Centerflows were soon to follow. Poly-X-Co., out of Philipsburg, NJ did the mold work on these two projects.

Soon after, Wilhold Company, located in Sunbury, (almost in our back yard)
contacted us for our tooling needs. They did a fine job on our next release, the PS-2 Covered Hopper.

Then a former Wilhold employee decided to go into business for himself. Being located only 1/2 mile North on the same road from our plant was just too convenient to pass up. Besides, he was very skilled at his trade. The 3-Bay Coal Car was his first project for Weaver. This formed a tooling relationship that still exists today.

The early to mid 80's also welcomed our first plastic O gauge diesel project - the Alco RS-3 Diesel Locomotive.

In 1990 the connections were made with Samhongsa to enter into the brass O Scale Market. Our first project was the PRR M1a 4-8-2. Approximately 800 to 900 of this model was produced, only about 50 being in 2-Rail. With the lack of other O gauge manufacturers, we immediately sold every one. From 1990 to 1993 numerous brass and plastic model projects were successfully marketed by this team.

The Samhongsa / Weaver Team also ventured into the plastic market. Numerous plastic diesels were produced: SD40-2, C628, C630, Baldwin Sharks and E8's. At that time, we were releasing 1,000 to 1,500 diesels per style. About 100 to 200 were offered in 2-Rail, the remainder in 3-Rail.

QSI Sound was introduced into the models in late '91 / early '92.

In the mid 1990's, Samhongsa made a strong connection with Mike's Train
House. From then on, they would no longer produce anything in O scale for anyone other than Mike's.

It was not until 1997 that we located a brass builder to fill the shoes of
Samhongsa, resulting in the February '98 release of our brass Union Pacific
49er 4-6-2. By this time, numerous other manufacturers jumped on the O
Gauge Band Wagon, resulting in a variety of choices for the discriminat-
ing modeler. Our lower production quantities of 300 3-Rail (225 with sound
and 75 without sound) and 50 2-Rail was evidence of this. From then on, we
have been releasing two to three brass releases each year.

It was later '92 / early '93 when we moved into our state of art facility located
along Route 11 approximately 1 mile North of Northumberland. That was
also the year Joe officially took the reins of Weaver Models by purchasing
the business.

1995 was also a significant landmark for Weaver as it was the first time we
officially published a Ultra Line catalog featuring our models produced in-house. Prior to that, the few catalogs released featured one or two brass, Gold Edition, imported models. What started out as a eight page catalog produced one time per year has grown into a 28+ page semi-annual release.

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