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Strategic Made in the USA Search Engine Co-op

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Our Market Study found and identified competitive advantages US manufacturers can use to help beat their foreign competition. Provided improvements are made, the study also identified things that had the potential of becoming a competitive advantage.

Improving internet Made in America product search results was identified as having the potential of becoming a huge competitive advantage. Huge because our surveys documented millions of consumers using search to hunt specifically for Made in America products. The study also revealed a large percentage of these search results were inaccurate, incomplete, or both. Our analysis revealed why this occurs and how to improve them.

Accuracy and Completeness

Made in America product search results are not always accurate or complete for the following reasons:
  • Search Engines determine search results using secret algorithms that give more weight to importance than accuracy
  • Search Engines lack the intelligence necessary to detect and eliminate keywords that are meant to deceive
  • Search Engines have a limited number of pages on which to display their results and studies show 70% of those searching never look past page one
  • Search Engine Optimization is the standard practice used to improve search results, however SEO does not improve accuracy, its intent is to improve rankings.

Improved Search Results

After realizing improved search accuracy would represent a competitive advantage for US manufacturers, we designed and developed a tool that provides the improvement. Our tool is called Made in America Secrets. It is a website that uses a Co-op approach to achieve more accurate and complete search results for US manufacturers.

Co-op Competitive Advantage

Search engines use the products and company names that are listed on Made in America Secrets as keywords, assigning each keyword a page ranking. The page ranking that is assigned to these keywords in a large part is determined by their importance and relevance. The more important and relevant the keyword the higher the ranking.

Because Made in America Secrets presents a large group of relevant keywords, its keywords are more important than they would otherwise be standing alone. Therefore, this site functions like a Co-op, where a large group is more important than any individual of the group.

This elevated importance causes Made in America Secrets to have an expanding group of thousands of page one Made in the USA product rankings. When new keywords are added, our history has shown our page one rankings have increased. Because of the Co-op structure this continuous improvement will continue without interruption.


Internet searches return lists of relevant websites for the keyword being searched for. These results are organized into pages with each entry listed in the order of importance. The more important or relevant, as determined by the search engine algorithm, the better the page ranking.

Page ranking consists of a page number and spot number with lower page and spot numbers being better than higher ones. The first cost free spot is identified as page 1 spot 1 and is the best page ranking spot possible. Having better page ranking is an advantage because it translates into more traffic.

This page rank to traffic relationship is documented in recent studies that show page one search results are clicked on greater than 70% of the time while all other pages in total are clicked on only 30% of time. Therefore from these studies, page one rankings have a competitive advantage over all others.

Improved Search Results Example

A Google search for made in america baby soap is an example of how important Made in America Secrets is for improving search results. Try this search and you will see Made in America Secrets at or near the top of page one. Click on the Baby Soap - Made in America Secrets and you will be taken to its home page. Listed on its home page you will see US manufacturers that make and sell Made in America baby soap.

On this home page, for any of the listed baby soap manufacturers, click their image and you will see the baby soap they make and sell. From this experiment it is apparent that listing their baby soap on Made in America Secrets effectively put them on page one of a Google search for made in america baby soap.

Of greater significance regarding this competitive advantage, return to the Google search results for made in america baby soap and you will observe that none of the US manufacturers listed on Made in America Secrets are even on page one of the Google search results. This means these manufacturers would have likely never been seen for made in america baby soap searches had they not been listed on Made in America Secrets.