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Why Join The Organization?

Members gain access to a set of benefits that help them beat their competition. These benefits are labeled and ordered A through F matching the table on the JOIN FREE page.  All of these benefits are available as specified in the columns on that page.

A. Newsletter

Bonus BenefitOn a regular basis, we send to our subscribers a News letter that provides information about important Made in the USA topics.  We also include information about updates to our website and offerings. We also promote our members products and services by providing information about their successes as members. We also provide a Member to Member discount listing.  Members who wish to participate may list their products and services and associated discounts.  

We provide this functionality to encourage and support manufacturing in America. The details of these discounts vary and can be offered for free in our Newsletter. Members that choose to participate in the Member to Member discount program must use our contact us page. Make your request via mail, email or contact us by phone to arrange your listing.  Our newletter also includes notices of specials that are available to our members.

B. Company Listing on MadeInTheUSA.Org
Bonus BenefitEach member receives one Member listing on MadeInTheUSA.Org.  The listing includes a large image and text box to showcase the Coampany's products.  Click item B on the Join Free page for an illustration showing a sample listing that identifies the Image and Text areas.

These listings randomly appear on the home page.  Member listings can also be displayed by clicking the Browse Members button and selecting the member from the members list.

C. Page one search results for Made in USA products

Page One Search ResultsTired of reading WATCH VIDEOS # 7 & 8 on our Home Page. We designed and implemented a website that provides a search function that displays our members products and company information on its home page (page one). This search function is included with both our Basic and Premium memberships and we call this website our Search Engine Co-op. 

Thousands of proven Google page one rankings for Made in America keywords are included and the number of page one rankings continue to increase as new keywords are added by our members and the search engines index them.

These page one rankings effectively put our member’s on page one of a Google search for them. To see an example of this, open a new window by clicking Made in America Baby Soap. You will see the results of a Google search, near the top of that  page look for Baby Soap - Made in Ameica Secrets and click it.  This will take you to Made in America Secrets.  There you will see our members that sell Made in America baby soap. Click any of these to shop for the Made in America Baby Soap they sell. 

To read more about Made in America Secrets, open a new window by clicking Search Engine Co-op.

D. Consumer incentive to purchase Made in USA products 

Incentives - Cash for Made in USA ProductsTired of reading WATCH VIDEO # 9 on our Home Page. We designed and implemented Made in America Secrets, a website that provides many functions for our members.  One function is paying consumers to purchase our members Made in USA products.  The website tracks purchases and sends cash to every 100th, 1,000th, and 10,000th purchaser of member’s products.  To qualify the member’s product must me listed in the Promotional Cash Giveaway Program.

Participation in the Cash Giveaway Promotional Program is optional and is included with the Basic and Premium memberships.  To open a new window with the complete details about this website click Search Engine Co-op.

To open and display in a new window the Cash Giveaway Promotional Program Agreement click here.

E. Made in USA labeling solution

Labeling Solution for Made in USA ProductsTired of reading WATCH VIDEO # 4, 5, & 6 on our Home Page.Our Market Study identified and proved competitive advantages US manufacturers can use to beat their competition.  Two of these competitive advantages required the development of new tools to realize them.  

One of the tools we designed and implemented is a calculator that standardizes the Made in USA content calculation.  This calculator is free to use as can be seen in a new window by clicking Made in USA Content Calculator. The calculator and associated Certification Mark provide a solution for making Made In USA labeling claims. This solution enables Made In USA manufacturers to claim US content with confidence thereby allowing them to market their products to a proven large and growing group of US consumers that are actively seeking Made In USA goods. 

A license to use this mark is included with our Premium membership, to open a new window with the complete details click Made in USA Labeling Solution.

 F. 500 Page Market Study Including Eight (8) Proven competitive advantages

8 Competitive AdvantagesTired of reading WATCH VIDEO # 2 & 3 on our Home Page. Our Market Study identified and proved EIGHT (8) competitive advantages US manufacturers can use to beat their competition.  Two of these competitive advantages required the development of new tools to realize them.  We designed, implemented, and tested each of these tools and proved their effectiveness.

Our complete 577 page Market Study, with the eight (8) competitive advantages, instructions about how to use them, and the two new tools are included with our Premium membership.  The Market Study also identifies the ideal Made in America customer and core strategy to use for beating the competition. To read more about the Study open in a new window by clicking here.